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Rose Style Bag

Hey Rose's! 🌹It's ME, Erica!

I am super excited about announcing the Monthly Rose Style Bag! It will be a fun and stylish adventure. 🤩

Guys, if you don't know this already, I love clothes! Putting items and styles together is so exciting for me. Especially, when it is a surprise! 🥳

Styling and merchandising is one my FAVORITE things to do. I mean, I graduated college for it, worked in retail and opened an exclusive shop, so I better LOVE it. And I do. So, why not do a Style Bag and add to that list of LOVE. 💜

This is a fun aspect of the shop, of me and what I have to offer when it comes to styling. I love that this will make for an EXCLUSIVE experience for my Rose's.

I hope you sign up and join me on this fun styling journey on September 1st! Tap this post or swipe up to take you to the website for more information!

Styled with LOVE,
Erica xoxo

Membership is now OPEN ! Click For More Information