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Collective Rose X Collaboration

Collective Rose X Collaboration

Hello Roses,

We're all about collaboration here at Collective Rose with small businesses, and we wanted to share that with you.

When we were offered the open space for our shop, my husband and I knew we wanted to offer something unique. We're passionate about connecting with other small businesses, whether they're just starting out or already established, and growing together.

We host a variety of events and workshops, from yoga to macrame to paint nights, and even ladies' nights that feature other entrepreneurs hustling to grow their amazing companies. Even down to the food! #charcuterie 

Our pop-ups are a popular feature, where we host businesses that offer anything from natural beauty products, handcrafted luxury linens, candles, cookies and so much more.

As the holiday season approaches, we're excited to dive back into our #shopsmall Pop-ups. Last year, we had 3-5 vendors in our space every Saturday (plus some Fridays and Sundays) from Black Friday up to the weekend before Christmas. It was incredible to see customers support small businesses and purchase something they might not have thought of before.

What made this holiday collaboration so magical was the connections the CR team made with the pop-up vendors, what we could learn from each other, business to business and the opportunity to reach potential customers, we all may have not reached otherwise.

We are anxious and excited for the holiday magic to happen again this year. If you're a Rose looking to shop small this holiday, keep an eye out for our collabs and pop-ups!

If you're a small business interested in taking part in our holiday festivities, visit our website under "Events" and scroll to the bottom to fill out our inquiry form so we can get you signed up for a pop-up date. Let's hustle together!

Remember, shopping small supports many families, in many ways. So, think small this holiday!

With love,